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The team

What we do

HBMA’s aims and objectives are:



  • To establish a forum for Greek midwives to meet and discuss issues concerning midwifery and women’s health, relevant to the UK and Greece’s perinatal reality.


  • To promote standards of midwifery education and practice.


  • To support pre and post registration to Greek midwifery students with their transition to the UK and during their studies.


  • To maintain a presence and contribution to professional bodies influencing health policy decision making and midwifery within Greece/UK/ EU as a consulting think-tank.


  • To collaborate with UK based Research and Academic Institutes and Faculties, by conducting research and producing evidence to influence positive change in the UK maternity care; to provide more evidence and support to women during their perinatal journey in UK.


  • To help local organisations plan a sustainable, transformed health service, aiming to improve the quality of care and wellbeing mainly in UK and Greece, but also the wider EU.


  • To provide a team of activists who fight for better maternity care in UK, Greece and EU, in collaboration with other major organisations which support development in perinatal care (NMC, RCM, EMA).


  • To directly promote better perinatal services by teaching parents, teaching/ mentoring colleagues and participating in campaigns to raise awareness regarding perinatal health.


  • To contribute in events where there is a humanitarian crisis with moms and babies in need i.e. refugee crisis in Greece.

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